To make Dublin the best city to Live in

Introduce a New Public Housing Model

I will campaign for a European Plan for Affordable Housing and increased support at the EU level for a state-led solution to the housing crisis.

Stop the Vulture Funds

I will introduce anti-speculation policies to target investment and vulture funds to let them know Dublin is not for sale.

No More Vacant Housing

I will put forward tough new regulations to prevent housing from being left vacant and stop the privatisation of public or social housing.

Increase Funding and Finance to Build Homes

I will push for more public housing funding to be provided by the EU and the EIB (European Investment Bank)

I will work toward the development of a single EU market for housing to drive down construction and mortgage costs for future homeowners.

Increase Quality, Safety and Efficiency of our Homes

I will campaign for an EU-wide residential fire safety strategy as part of the retrofitting and renovation wave.

I will work to highlight the need for safe spaces for women in our communities by introducing safe space audits.

I will help bring about stronger EU programmes to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of the buildings and communities we live in