To make Dublin the best city to Raise a Family

Shorter Working Week

I will work to strengthen support amongst member states for an EU-wide four-day working week to improve family life for the many working parents and carers.

End Child Poverty and Social Exclusion

I am committed to the fight to eradicate child poverty not only in Dublin but throughout Europe.

I will demand the full implementation of the European Child Guarantee, to ensure every child in the EU has access to free healthcare, free education, decent housing and proper nutrition.

A Cleaner, Safer, Greener City

I will campaign for EU support for the 'Rooftop Revolution' to encourage the widespread introduction of solar panels and green spaces on Dublin's rooftops.

I will lobby for more EU support to introduce better and more sustainable transport in all regions.

I will push for guaranteed access to affordable and quality water and energy for all citizens.

I will propose the introduction of an EU-wide primary school programme highlighting the importance of biodiversity for our youngest citizens.

A City and Society for All

I will defend the rights of older workers and pensioners to be able to access healthcare, housing, and decent pensions.

I will push for an EU Strategy on Age Equality to promote equality and fight ageism.

I will campaign for the swift adoption of the directive on gender-based violence to make violence against women an EU crime and fully implement the Istanbul Convention to prevent and combat violence against women.

I will continue to move forward with the EU strategies for Gender Equality, LGBTIQ Equality and the adoption and implementation of the European Anti-Discrimination Directive and the Strategy on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.